Dar es Salaam Hackathon updates

1 Jun

Start at 0:0:50

Day 1 Report Out

SMS integration with Telerivet. It works! Translated into Swahili. Down to 10 lines of code. If you send something in the wrong format, it requests it in the right format, with example. Next up is #16 – goes from API to do something.

Translation – if we build this out, it should be usable to the community.

Discussed the user interface, have a few ideas on how to make it as simple as possible and usable for people who don’t know about coding or what’s behind it. Start coding tomorrow!

Setting up a new API end point. Spent most of the day understanding how it works, and how to make it work the way I want it to.

Community partners talked about how to indicate where a water point is, outside of its super long ID number, which is usually missing. USSD interface possibilities.

Data for flow rates are going to the cloud, working on how it ties into Taarifa in the model, and where it should live.

Built a mobile app. Have a fronted with the Tanzanian flag! Will code it up tomorrow. Can also add in new water points.

Day 2 Gear Up and Data Flow

The internet is really bad here, so here’s a link to the video, as I can’t watch it.

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